keep making me laugh


todays inspiration

almost a perfect couple
thank you Sartorialist
 second hand IKEA lamp from my sis
 colourful pillows and a fisherman in Torre Paola made by Pasi
my new vintage shoes and elefanttiAntti
 a lovely poster which i found in the net
 art made with nail polish
summer time in our old town Jekabpils where we used to live.


waiting my sister in the railwaystation.

She's coming from Helsinki. She has a big painting with her. It's dark and warm evening. And i'm happy right now I have her.




Do you like yellow- yes I do! well. i took a mango smoothie while i walked through the city.
just to cheer me up in a rainy day.
Thank you honey for a time today.



Since i moved alone i'm allways running. but that's ok, i love this life.

a friday inspiration pic for U.




My little sister moves to Finland

 This is your first day.
And tomorrow will be the second day. 
And then comes the third day. 
And fourth. 
And maybe after 124 days, you realise that you live here and miss there.

i'll see you soon honey.


Jos nyt olisi jo kevät,niin musta tuntuu että ihan pian sen jälkeen on kesä. 
Eli jos aurinko paistaa niin lujaa että se lämmittää poskipäitä, voiko silmänsä suljettua kuvitella että on kevät? 
Onko nyt kevät?
Jossakin kädun asfaltti jo näkyy,ja sääennusteissa luvattu lumisade tulee vetenä,voiko se tarkoittaa että ensiviikolla olisi jo kukkia puissa? 
Linnut ainakin jo laulaa,niin minäkin sitten!  

Keräsin teille kaunista katseltavaa.

ps. Davide,il quore é per te