i'll allways love you so, nutella!

last week I made every day some pancakes...of course Nutella topped off by the taste :9
 PS. One-More-Week and my sister comes here!!!



Rakastan Suomen mökki elämää. Lähdepohjaisia kirkkaita pehmeitä järvi vesiä. 
So long sweeties


The Sartorialist

Im reading his book. I love it. I love his visuality.
His eye to see people and their story behind the looks.
Thank you.

a song for this day



Our Little Princess

One year ago me and my sister found this little kitty from a park abandoned and we decided to take it for take care of it. Today she's a healthy little princess named Miumiu. Still today I feel happy for saving her with V.


last day

In work,was today. Now starts the vacation!!! Im going to mökki with P,M&T and enjoying life!!
 But before that im going to wash my self from all the sweat! its so hot! i love it!

ps. I had a letter from my lovely sister 
ofcourse im going to miss her
AND a song for today



The royal tenenbaums

I wanted to share one thing that i love with my inspiring friend T.

 <3<3<3 .violetta